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Welcome to the Precision Powder Coating Web Site

At Precision Powder Coating the commitment to quality is only out done by the commitment to customer satisfaction.

Precision's Exclusive Coating Process can keep your parts looking new 10 times longer than paint, with little or no maintenance

Our Guarantee:

If you are not satisfied with the work we have done, every effort will be made to correct the problem. Our primary goal is to make you, the customer, happy as you are our most valuable asset.


Precision Coating can transform your car, truck, street rod, boat, trailer or any metal item from a dull, every day item into a thing of beauty that will hold up much better than paint and needs a fraction of the care.
With Precision Powder Coating, the possibilities are endless!

RM65 rim

Suzuki Rim in Yellow, Red and Black Powder

Candy Red Aluminum Intake

S2000 valve cover

Honda S-2000 Valve Cover in Honda Yellow and Chrome Powder



BMW Caliper done in Mirror Red and Mirror Yellow Powder


Texas plate done in Blue and Egg Shell Powder


VW valve cover


VW Valve Cover in Wrinkle Red and Chrome Powder

Rims with Polished and Clear Powder Coated Lip & Center  w/ Candy Teal Centers


Rolls Royce Valve Covers in Mirror Black with Polished Letters


Harley Head done in Candy Red with Diamond Cut Fins


BMW M3 Valve Cover in Wrinkle Black Powder


BMW M3 Intake in Wrinkle Black Powder



Jet Ski Super Charger Housing in Sea-Doo Yellow Powder




CCW 3 Piece Corvette Rim in Chrome Smoke and Gloss Black Powder


Quad Frame done in Candy Blue Powder


Model "A" Rim done in Cream Powder


Honda CR 125 Covers in Black and Red Powder


Kawasaki Caliper done in Lime Green w/Polished Letters


BMW Valve Cover done in Chrome, White,Blue, Gloss and Wrinkle Black Powder



BMW Intake done in Wrinkle Black w/Chrome Powder Letters


Bicycle Frame done in Granny  Smith Green Powder



Honda Rim done in Repsol Orange Powder


Bicycle Frame and Swing Arm in Gloss White Powder



Quarter-midget Frame in Light Pink Powder


Brake Calipers and Mounts in Mirror Red Powder



Bicycle Frame Before and After in Reflective White and Candy Blue


Big Block Valve Covers in Chevy Orange w/Polished Fins and Clear Powder Top Coat


Harley Rim in Chrome and Gloss Black Powder


Kawasaki Rim in Lime Green Powder


BMW Rim in Candy Blue with Chrome Lip


Cobra Valve Covers in Translucent Copper Powder

Custom Motorcycle Rim in Candy Red Powder


VW Intake done in Chrome, Mirror Black andMirror Red


Porsche Intakes and Valve Covers in Bengal Silver w/Mirror Black Letters


Custom Harley Motor done in Mirror Black, Burgandy and Translucent Copper


Bicycle Frame done in Mirror Red Powder


Motorcycle Frames in Various Colors


Arlen Ness Rim with Selective Mirror Black Coating


Harley Engine done in Bengal Silver and Semi-Gloss Black


Toyota Valve Cover done in Champaign with Mirror Black and Sky Blue Letters. Center done in Wrinkle Black Powder



Ford Intake done in Candy Blue with Polished Fins


Ford Valve Cover in Candy Blue, Mirror Black, Mirror Red letters and polished fins


Sport Bike Rims in Candy Red



West Coast Choppers Air Cleaner and Axle Covers done in Candy Red with Black Trim


Chevy Intake in Bright Red with Polished Fins


Custom S&S Cylinders and Heads in Sky Blue Metallic and Clear Powder



Indian Primary cover with Selective Powder Coated Cover in Sky Blue Metallic


Ford Trick Flow Intake done in Copper Metallic and Cast Aluminum Powder Coat


Honda Quad Frame done in Translucent Red Powder Coat

The Tri-Power set up for the above Intake done in Mirror Black, Chrome and Translucent Red Powder Coat

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